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Yeah you guys have it bad there. Dumb fucking bitch.


That's civilised for a shithole city. You should see our cities, that is, if you get the chance to without being mugged or stabbed by the local BAMEs first.


I bet none of the drunks were robbed or beaten.


>japan is bad because uh… Drunk people!
this dumb bitch has never seen a real ghetto, if drunk salarymen where the worst thing on the street at night america would be a utopia


why is your flag rotated left 90 degrees


That's the russian flag


white isn't in the middle for that one


I dont think anyone is saying that Japan is dangerous, although it definitely can be.
The video is more a counter to romanticization of Japanese Culture.


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You can make a similar argument about all those japs that dream about studying and moving to the us because japs are the biggest westaboos on the planet.

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