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Why am I punished like this


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I mean I have it all. Looks, money, health, friends. And yet I long for the unattainable. Like there is something missing in my life.


faith go read the bible nOW


I'm too individualist for religion and I basically hate other people


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I think I know why I have the winter blues.
Vitamin D deficiancy. Basically I didn't get sun in the past weeks


that doesn't explain why your boyfriend left you


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It's not like he was my boyfriend boyfriend or anything. Just some guy I liked making fun of with the "haha monkey XDDD" jokes.


anyting is possible throuygh God


don't forget that you have mental illness too which makes the previous points irrelevant


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Nice try glowie.


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It is ok gcel, you can admit to me that you loved him


Universes way of balance.

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