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I bought the new Pokemon


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fuck gooks


i thought it wasnt out yet


Are you living behind the moon?


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It kinda sucks, I cancelled my preorder


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It's literally just niggatoro


I hate the lack of anti aliasing and clarity in these new Pokémon games. The last one I played was Omega Ruby and from what I remember it had this problem too. Why don't they just go back to an older graphical style if they can't make the new one look acceptable. The old sprites look a lot nicer to me than the new 3D models anyway.


Pokemon went 3d because if the 3ds. And the sprites sucked since gen 4 tbh. Even gen 3 had some questionable changes.
I'd say since gen 3 Pokémon declined in quality


I think sprites could look great if they got talented artists to make them and actually gave them solid animations (including idle animations). But I would be okay with anything if they just fixed this clarity issue.


what clarity issue? I think it looks really good, I fucking hate the "BotW" fog.


I assume its just the lack of anti aliasing. It makes things look blurry and unclear, especially on the character models, and at a distance. Maybe most people don't notice it but it bothers me a lot.


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I said to myself that I stop working when my copy arrives, but then the postman is late and I fucking don't want to wage anymore. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH


File: 1668788482907.jpg (524.49 KB, 1011x1238, 1668771241584158.jpg)

It runs worse than PLA…


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This is literally me


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Love this meme

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