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achtung achtung ich bin shieße todden howardsteinen spielen ist besser than Gothic guten morgen ALARM


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I once saw some nerds in university watching darker than black with German subs.


they get a pass if that was 15 years ago


It was cringe 13 years ago and it was cringe now


people had trouble expressing themselves in english back then let alone japanese


Fuck off zoomer dtb aired in 2007, and that cringe moment was in 2009


are you an actual moron who gives a shit when it aired? i said non anglophone people usually stuck to the media in respective native tongues back then for a reason those guys get a pass


They don't because they are in university where everything is in English, as there were a lot of students from abroad. Everyone knew English.
Watching German subs which are translated from English is ultimate cringe duwang tier torture, as shown by the OP image. You are cringe for watching german subs and for being a faggot nigger


that's a generous amount of retard you've left in this thread lol no wonder everyone and their dog ghosts you


english is cringe



all of you are cringe weabs not being able to watch animu without subs.
just learn jap. whats the problem?


The problem is that learning japnis harder than you think. It's just easier to watch subs. I'm not learning a language just to watch anime. And besides anime is 90% still images, so it's not like you miss something while reading subs


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Many weebs believe they have indeed "learned" the Japanese language because they can read it and listen to spoken Japanese and understand what is being said but the truth is unless you can write a comprehensive essay on any subject on the spot: all you did was waste your own time, a lot of it. And this applies to any language and in the case of Japanese you also have to be able to recall, off the top of your head, any of the 3000 most commonly chinese charaters, write them by hand and include them in a proper sentence. This is nothing extraordinary, native speakers do this on a daily basis and that's the whole point of learning a foreign language: to become fluent.


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Learning Japanese is only useful in Japan to tell the cashier to microwave up your bento. Or tell the Taxi driver he can keep the change (he won't)


Why would I learn to write Japanese when I can just have my AI translate it for me? lmao it's 2022.

AIに翻訳してもらえばいいのに、なぜ日本語を書くことを学ばなければならないのでしょうか? 2022年です。



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