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File: 1667723655825.jpg (3.88 MB, 3456x3456, 20221106_092957.jpg)


now I feel all warm and fuzzy


File: 1667732096056.webm (2.99 MB, 576x720, gas the elderly.webm)

I detest graffiti, even when its an anime i like


File: 1667742053821.jpg (94.12 KB, 640x1410, 1667567270356529.jpg)

Same. It was cool when I was young, but now it has that run down feel to it. I like pictures, but not the graffiti text

You must live in a shithole


File: 1667744083906.jpg (3.49 MB, 3456x3456, 20221106_093014.jpg)

shithole is where your dad thought he busted


Seriously, this looks like a shithole to me. I bet it smells of urine down there


actually it didn't because there are no niggers roaches or mudslimes around

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