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lmao that dog

by the way I'm doing another New Vegas playthough and I already feel my estrogen levels rising


its because sedentary lifestyle if you are active and move around your testosterone is more


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Correlation is not causation. I'm not saying the RADs caused this, but did it ever cause a perfect storm… radaway is costing me 1164 caps monthly. I cant handle this anymore. Sorry for my meltdown… Please be careful if you are using addictol to treat psychojet addiction :( #ncr #topicalferalwithdrawal #greenskinsyndrome #rads


it's okay, not everyone can be a new vegas chad like me


it's okay, not everyone can be a new vegas chad like me


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I fucking love these memes so much, but no meme in the world could convince me that fallout 3 is a good game


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exactly, why would anyone need to convince me when I already know it's a masterpiece

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