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haha benis


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slice them and put them into the rice cooker


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did you enlist in the japanese gaijin defense force?


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I'd be too afraid to ever pick mushrooms. Even pros die of poisonous mushrooms sometimes


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it's pretty safe if you only go for obvious ones with no poisonous lookalikes
the pros probably get lazy and pick amanitas that aren't fully matured and get rekt


me 100 pure, born in animeland, native japanese


you're not the abo? damn where did everyone go


Nihao xD




It was a joke because Australia is populated by the Chinese. In case you didn't get it


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yeah I know and the posts you have responded to were me using vpn
ex-cons are trying to get cheap labour from other countries and it would be successful because of weak yen, and lots of japs are loving it

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