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Another great anime season


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>no nips


is that griffith


Watched it
Original was much better, had more jokes that were funnier and the pacing actually made sense. Watching the new one is like listening to a dude with ADHD give a lecture. Its like watching old simpsons vs new simpsons. But i do like that they are trying to be more faithful to the manga.


Pretty aure they are all nips, the series is set in gookland


has anyone noticed this trend where ecchi in shows where the focus isn't entirely on ecchi has become increasingly absent even if the source material has it
conversely, actual dedicated ecchi shows go all out and have basically become borderline hentai with almost explicit sex scenes

i really hate this


Blame china


Western influence on Japanimation. This is what you get for coming out as weeb.


Its the Chinese influence. See Cyberpunk anime, where they showed titties.
They censor anime to have it on Chinese streaming services.


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>thor love and thunder
I kinda doubt this, fujimoto is a massive movie nerd and all the prior references are from shit that's considered classic popular movies, no way he just inserts a marvel movie that came out less than a year ago


Me too. That movie not only did suck, but also it's nothing like it


I love lum

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