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The first episode was just okay.

I still wish we had a gundam like IBO but without all the gay Okada drama.
The first three episodes of IBO were literally perfect, I love them so much.


I will report back when I watch it


this is pure cringe


new to gundam?


i watched from the original up to victory gundam plus g reco
stopped at episode 1 of fighter because it was too stupid and never got back to it


I watched from the original up to victory and dropped on victory 15 episodes in. What a shitty anime that was. Forced drama garbage.


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it's good and all but uh we're in the macross universe


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New episode soon


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First episode was quite good actually imo
I'm not a huge fan of yurishit but I wouldn't even care if the twitterfag discourse over the show hasnt been so ass
Yes we get it there's been some homo shit in gundam before, now fuck off back to complaining about other shit that you dont care about
these people latch on to any percieved cultural "victory" like leeches




it keeps getting worse


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I liked episode 2


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Another solid episode, the fight was really cool and I didn't expect that last part lolmao


Yeah, at least it's entertaining


they tricked me into watching it


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Oof, that really did take a dark turn


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what an episode
I wonder if suletta will meet the real guel and freak out cause he's a pompous asshole and not a mysterious stoic


not guel


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finally something is happening, but on the other side it took 13 episodes for something to happen.

I hate this anime and I'm, only watching because I like gundam. There were really no hype moments and right now even IBO is above this snorefest of pc retardation


Yeah, I like Gundam and mecha a lot myself but I can't bring myself to watch this shit. Not to mention it might end up being a fairly long series with the pacing it has, and with how Bandai's been investing quite a bit into anime as of late. God forbid that it's 49 episodes but spread into four parts.


i told you it was bad months ago


i like it


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this episode was actually pretty good

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