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where is the cyberpunk thread


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I have CDpr stocks.


love the chrome loli too bad she's probably like 30+
is this following the plot of the game or are there just a ton of references to it


are these western funded anime any good?
i never watch them because they always get released on netflix out of the blue and don't show up on season charts when a new season starts


Isekai Ojisan is pretty good for shitflix. I'm also watching Summer Time Rendering (Disney +).


afaik theres minor background references but i havent played the game

>western funded
its japanese studios doing (mostly) what they want


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Figured it out, it's supposed to be a prequel of sorts. It was alright 7/10. Feel the same way about Isekai Ojiisan. I do feel a little bored at times watching it but it's otherwise decent. It seems to anger people if you compare it to Konosuba, so I'm gonna start doing that.


started playing the game but you can't kill children smh


You are an npc for jumping on the latest fad.


say that to my gf again and i break your neck nerd


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What are you going to do now geekboy


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go to berlin terminalen next saturday


a game from 2 years ago is the latest fad? did I miss a bunch of fags making "IS CYBERPUNK WORTH PLAYING IN 2022" vids


what a lame excuse


show me the internet historian video saying cyberpunk is good now


This is literally the best anime I've seen in like 10 years and I watched the dub.

They should do western anime more often


star trek up to 2000 is the best western anime hands down


You need to watch more anime. I bet you think Kill la Kill was good.


>you need to watch more anime


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The comment that it's the best anime in the last 10 years is kinda weak, if it's the only anime you have have watched in the last ten years


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Why would I watch anime? I've already established that it sucks dick.

>muh senpai

>muh tsunderes
>muh blank slate cuckold MC
>muh moeblob shitters
>muh cringe chunnishit
>muh """"romance"""" (male character is a total fucking cuck the whole time)
>muh rape as a trauma plot point
>muh actual shitty shows getting over 500 episodes and good shows only getting one season arbitrarily.
Anime is all the same flavors of shit, only when it's westernized does it have any kind of appeal.


whomst gequoted


These are the opinions of a simpleton. Just keep watching the electronic Jew, I know I won't be able to sway your opinion regardless of my arguments.


The posters here are fucking lame. Especially the American retard that does nothing but post bait because he's too socially inept to hold a normal conversation like a functional human being.


Skill issue


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I like that Burza dude. I played Gwent professionally and he always seemed like a cool guy.


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Wait, you are supposed to pronounce it "low-lay" ?


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Well I beat it. Kinda gay that you have to choose between the ability to hack vs bullet time. I went with hacking early on and found it offered a lot more varied gameplay but when I unlocked the Sandy I couldn't resist because of how easy it made the rest of the game. Strangely, the side quests are better than the main quest. For some retarded reason there's a forced sense of urgency in the plot incentivizing you to complete the game instead of playing through the majority of content. You're explicitly told you have a few weeks to live but no timer starts I checked. Skyrim does the same thing. It's not as big of a trashfire as it was at launch though it will never live up to the hype. I'd rate it somewhere above Mankind Divided but below Human Revolution. IGN 6/10


oh yeah and making it a looter shooter was fucking retarded


When I started playing it I got put off the random shitty fetch quests and cinematic garbage. Makes the same mistakes the Witcher games make. The gameplay sucks


Does Anime of the Decade mean *this* decade, as in the 20s, or within the last decade, i.e. the last 10 years? There's been literally nothing good released in the 20s so it doesn't sound that crazy to me. Otherwise it's Ping Pong.


trigger is a western studio though

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