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Did you unironically not post anything since my last post yesterday


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I'm a busy man


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I was busy installing my new 2k monitor.


Glass desk is one of the worst things you can have. I had one and hated every second of it.
The best thing is a white/gray desk where you don't see the dust.


Glass desks look better overall, I wish I had more space for a bigger one.


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It literally doesn't look better.
stop while you can, it's a hassle to keep clean like I'm seeing on your picture


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F to the yeah bro we have the same monitor


lucky bastard
my thrift store monitor lately died so im forced to use an even shittier 15 dollar thrift store monitor
thankfully i'm gonna go to the store tomorrow and get a new one


Look at that rundown door. The frame, the knob and all. This is what I never understood. How can you turd worlders spend the little money you have on superflous luxuries instead of I don't know getting your place in order first? Like moving to a nicer neighbourhood or a different country. Or consider starting a family.


same reason milenials spend their money on avocado toast instead of buying a 2 million mcmansion


Very cool Kanye.

>Look at that rundown door. The frame, the knob and all.

It's literally my studio… I can sand the door and replace the know any time, in fact I finished painting my studio a few weeks ago.

What monitor are you buying?


They know they'll never be able to afford a mansion or indeed any property hence the need for cope.

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