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/bun/ ist down! I repeat, /bun/ is down!


Who cares it's been slavshits and cp for years.


It's another piece of old internet history that died, you useless weednigger.


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bun was my friend


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And where were you when desuchan died because of your stupid soy faces? Anyway it's not really dead until its domain expires. Then you can start crying.


God damn I meant to archive it.


Still sad that /ota/ outlived it.


And nothing of value was lost, bun was filled with elitist faggots anyway.

Disrespectful sage.


literally anything /jp/ related is filled to the brim with elitist faggotry even here


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But merorin is the creme de la creme of the /jp/ sphere.


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But my friends post here…


but mero is about germany not japan


i miss old merorin so much


File: 1662132008711.png (617.21 KB, 1431x991, merorin catalog.png)

yeah, the good old days before 2016…


ah yes, just right before i arrived here to ruin mero forever


I don't, fuck old merorin.

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