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Sigh…. Where are the posts you niggers


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I'm busy hunting for old stuff.


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Ah. Wrong webm.


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The girl filming.

Did you enjoy Maison Ikkoku?


I don't know. I save many OPs in hopes that one day I might watch the whole show.


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That looks pretty gay


anyone watched monogatari? is it any good? it has like a billion episodes


It's boring, watch Love Live Superstar instead.


The first season and the movies are kino


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damn this song slaps maybe I should watch monogatari


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Look what I found today, it was less than $50 for everything.


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>Chinese bootlegs



File: 1661870790506.png (257.1 KB, 1543x590, Screenshot 2022-08-30 0845….png)

Just the regular japanese versions of the game and Super Game Boy for Super Famicom.

I don't own a Super Famicom but I have this adapter for my Super Famicom games and it works fine because both American and Japanese consoles are NTSC.


>Just the regular japanese versions of the game
Open the cardridge and prove it
Because in 99% of the time, it's not an original these days.


File: 1661879038134.jpg (102.79 KB, 960x606, 2022-08-29 09-07-24.jpg)

I don't have the screwdriver but I can tell the difference between an original cartridge and a repo.

Also check out this cool stuff.


Jap carts aren't really faked as much, that being said. He didn't get that good of a deal considering that jprg prices aren't inflated over there like they are here because nobody can read Japanese. It's also only the Super Gameboy 1 which is considered to be the inferior version because of the incorrect clock speed.
t. hidden gem man


Thanks for the comment, Mr. Hidden Gem man, but I have to clarify that shipping is WAY too expensive here, paying less than 50 USD for those 4 items is a good deal.

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