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anyone watching the new wieners flopping wieners
george r r martin managed one in the first episode


Is that the new Lord of The Rings series?

Not watching that one, sorry.




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Are you some kinna elf or somethin.


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where the fuck is gandalf


File: 1662288790506.png (361.32 KB, 600x450, 1662130486588914.png)

I'm not going to watch it


love da kangz of da rangz


we kneel


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Lmao even the packages are shilling for the flop


I think it could be good but some casting choices are plan bad. The MC girl for example. Or that nigger that takes me out of the fantasy setting every time I see him


I don’t really give a shit about lord of the rings, but I’m sure that if I did watch it, which I wouldn’t because I don’t care, the last thing on my mind is gonna be “why is there so many black people”. It’s pretty absurd thing to be mad about in fiction.


I get that you are used to it. But whenever I see a black person I have to think about forced diversity. I can't enjoy a fantasy movie with black people in it. It's like a sci-fi movie but they use horses in space.


File: 1662803324958.jpg (543.37 KB, 1448x2048, djk2.jpg)

Imagine your life being so shit that you can't even mentally escape from niggers in fantasy. Imagine niggers being so normalised and omnipresent in your miserable life that even in settings where they clearly don't belong you firmly believe otherwise and chastise those in other countries for not thinking the same way. The media owns you and your mind, you are an actual slave.


Probably the most ignorant thing I’ve read this week.
The really funny thing about this, is that People of color don’t go around complaining about the overabundance of white super heroes or protagonists.
pretty much every major movie video game, TV show, even books, feature white protagonists and supporting characters, like modern Marvel/DC, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad (which does feature a lot of Latino characters, but the main characters and supporting characters who get the most screen time are white.)
Even “progressive” video game companies like BioWare and Naughtydog mostly only have white characters
Anime rarely even has any minority ethnic characters but literally nobody cares.
In fact, these ethnic groups love characters like Modern Spider-Man when he dates a black mixed woman, or Omni Man who is married to an Asian woman, these characters still have inspired young minority modern artists to make their own comic books, video games and movies, even though they’re white.

“Forced diversity” is a meme, there never was such a thing despite the offensive implication that is has to be forced, these artists and writers literally chose to include these things in a time where more people are becoming educated on the culture and history of other races of people, there was no corporate overlord telling them they had to, to insinuate that there was is a false narrative driven to the ground by sexists and racists.

>Inb4 le Jews

>inb4 niggerlover
>inb4 kike


I literally said fansaty movie.

I have no problem seeing blacks in american action flicks or hip hop music videos. It's just that I am used to seeing white characters in medival settings. Whenever I see a black character I think "how did he get there? Was he a slave from africa that somehow worked himself up? How is a black guy a "lord" when medival society was racist as fuck?"
It just throws up so many questions that it destroys any belivable lore the setting might have.


phew man you should stick to replying with something like based or cringe leave the mental gymnastics to those who know how to use this weird thing called language


>Anime rarely even has any minority ethnic characters
all the character are fucking chinks


My autocorrect fucks up short words. And no way I'm proofreading my posts before posting. I just don't care.


File: 1662813316361.png (110.84 KB, 780x780, Iyami.png)

You might not know this, but anime characters are white.
Ever seen an Asian anime character?


File: 1662835478781.mp4 (4.44 MB, 576x1024, wewkobe.mp4)

The Japanese I give a pass because they simply aren't taught the history and culture of other races including whites, pretty much every depiction of actual races in anime is racist, even Asian ones, but that has been steadily changing over the course of the last ten years, and that's great because the anime community oddly project their overt racism onto the artists in Japan when they're mostly just playfully ignorant.


>handle it properly

yeah, we need a final solution to this problem


File: 1662837472167.jpg (63.57 KB, 612x513, EaHfhKyWsAA45IM.jpg)

why does she keep spitting lies? everyone likes black yosuke he's a cool guy


File: 1662843282464.jpg (168.37 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0011.jpg)



File: 1662870771153.png (394.23 KB, 1857x907, image_2022-09-11_001630581.png)

Aside from the dislikes and comments being obviously botted by a script kiddie, a big argument from alt-righties is that the character is "blackwashed" and POC would go crazy if Tiana from The Princess and the Frog would have been whitewashed.

Again, we already have several examples of this with comicbook superheroes, there are several superheroes with Black and White versions, some female versions too.
Also, the original adaptation of My Little Mermaid from the book is basically OC, Disney simply took the characters and wrote their own story, and it was a huge success, but now we wanna start talking about staying true to established characters.

Disney Remakes have been really hit or miss, but I'm actually really excited for this one, Halle Bailey looks beautiful and has a great singing voice.
The non botted people should have at least waited until the movie came out and flopped before they all outed themselves.


Dios Mio…


Say nigger.


No because "POC" means more than just black people moron, lmao.


True, true. Not every shitskin is a nigger. But every nigger is a shitskin.


File: 1662939687219.jpeg (118.06 KB, 1379x1009, 8639ABCC-8E34-497F-B2AE-5….jpeg)

t. Mald.


File: 1663013869027.jpg (304.78 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0012.jpg)

This is me

this is unironically literally me except I'mn 2 meters tall.

but in all other characteristics and properties on the physical and mental level, this is literally me




File: 1663065027553.jpg (117.16 KB, 1080x1027, 1663064586403628.jpg)

Choose white man


the left one has nigger ebonics anyway


File: 1663115173114.png (768.21 KB, 776x848, bio.png)



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It was worth watching it just for this episode. I cried manly tears when he showed up. I also cried at the scene where the whole family sat at the table.
Somehow it emotionally hit me really really hard.


File: 1665477881677.png (143.69 KB, 360x360, 1665477017949805.png)

*smacks lips*
*pulls up leg armor*
Ayo, yo hol' up
*sucks teeth*
Ay, dis bitches keedz be BASTARDS know what i'm sayn?
*looks around for city watch*
*yells I can't sneed*


love the skeleton king


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we get it you dont like Black people in fiction.


I think I already told you. If you make all valyrians black then it's not a problem. My problem was a backstory for why characters are black.


bros he was sauron the entire time




charlie vickers


Kino Kino Kino Kino
Watching House of the Dragon was well worth it

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