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Bought a new bike but I think it's too small for me


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and you think we believe that you actually step outside? fake as fuck

you diasappoint kraut-kun


spot the newfag 300 please


File: 1660279297246.jpg (282.8 KB, 1668x1880, 1623855041181.jpg)

looks cool next buy the one from the honda ad it looks cooler


I don't know anything about bikes but I like the color.


File: 1660333067760.png (472.67 KB, 1329x571, Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 2….png)

It's okay. Bikes are a western euro thing.


Expensive hobby, only rich people enjoy riding bikes.



dude, just get a bike for 100$. It's just as good, just a bit heavier.


I changed the handlebar and now the geometry is much more comfortable.
Seriously, what's up with the extremely wide handlebars? Such a meme.

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