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So I've been talking to this one girl at work for the past few months and I really feel a connection like never before. We share similar interests and are "on the same wavelength". So anyway she has lately been hanging around my workspace every day and trying to start conversations with me. She is really touchy-feely. A pat on the arm here, a rub on the back there. So I thought we were cool, so to speak.

Last week, she came up to me in a very good mood, and started escalating things, she said that we should hang out after work and that we should have a few drinks and maybe make out with eachother.
I laughed and told her "The only thing I'm going to be making out with anytime soon, is the barrel of a gun." She was visibly panicking at this point, I was under the impression that she was into dark humor, but I guess she got spooked. She left quickly and hasn't been at work ever since. My manager has sent me multiple emails about a mental health examination or something. I haven't opened the emails yet but I know for a fact I won't be able to pass any mental health evaluations. What do I do?

For reference, I own 11,200 Chainlink tokens and 275 OZ or physical silver and 14 OZ of physical gold and 2 GME stocks.


So, what's the problem?


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Shes trolling you


you failed the charisma check dude LOL buy a body pillow


we don't post reddit frogs on mero


We only post links to child porn here


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Also check em

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