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Finished this
>Aliens meant nothing the whole time
>Sunset was just because the author liked some ending of ultraman
>Urabe's family never revealed
>The voice in the first chapter was never explained at all
Very disappointed in the faggot that wrote this


I only ever read the first couple chapters.
Did he ever actually kiss her to get her saliva directly?


it wasn't her saliva


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So it was her… Oh god I don't want to know


Nope lol, he went with the laziest "eternal youth" kinda ending


So the whole point of the manga… didn't pay off?

It's like at the end of Kill Bill she doesn't kill Bill. What a fucking waste of time


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This shit was nasty, thank God I choose Nazi no Kanojo X instead.


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just check the last chapter (92) there's no spoilers if you want to read the rest because nothing happens


when i watched I thought it was gonna be romance or mystery kino but it's just a dude drinking some girls spit for 12 episodes
why do people liked this shit anyway


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>why do people liked this shit
It's a dude drinking some girls spit for 12 episodes

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