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oof, right in the crown jewels


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I, as a diehard SEGA fan, approve this anime.

It's funny because when I watched EVA for the first time I thought Asuka liked Kaji too, maybe it has something to do with autism.


She did like him, its part of the story.


Kaji was a crush, like how I had a crush on Pamela Anderson. It's not "love"


What's the difference


It's only a good idea in your head. If the real Pamela Anderson wanted to start a relationship with me, you bet it wouldn't go well.


I think you should go for it


Why not


You think?


Because I basically don't know her? I just know her persona and the image that I build in my head. In real life that person is vastly different from your expectations and more often than not, does not meet them. It's an ideal, very much like a 2d waifu. And if you get the real thing, you quickly realize that you didn't really wanted it.


Asuka knew Kaji though. you didn't know pamela.


2d waifus are real how can they not meet your expectations when you know everything about them


>Asuka knew Kaji though
Yeah, just as well as I knew Pamela


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>getting life advices from strategy guides
Unironically made me chuckle.

Do you think Uncle has ever heard of Puchi Carat? Uncle has probably missed good games that are not available for Saturn.


The new episode hit right in the feels.
I literally had this in school and I was too dense to realize it.


What anime is it nigga


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Who did this?

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