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I bought a barebone keyboard and build it myself. Got some switches and keycaps from ali. ISO format in da house, ya.


ooh is that one of those knobs to control your dildo's power?


It's a wireless anal plug, but yes.


Neat, I like the design and color scheme.


no numpad smh


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You don't need them for a gayming session, heck, my keayboard doesn't even have arrow keys and I don't need them.


It's the first time I have a tkl. Trying out how it feels. I will also use it for work, so I hope I won't kys myself whenever I'll by typing number strings. So far I'm not really missing it.


numpads are for calculators and games with keypads
arrow keys are for stgs
i need both


How much did it cost? Is it programmable?
I've been using custom boards for like a decade the imo best parts are probably:
- Mapping media controls to wherever is most comfortable to you.
- Mapping things like caps lock to esc on tap and ctrl on hold.
- Mapping things like hold control + wasd to arrow keys.
- Choosing whatever keycaps you like.
- Choosing whatever switches you like.

Programmability is pretty cool, it makes the kb yours.
There's small differences with european and the ansi us layout but I find the later much more comfortable to use.


probably, but I won't bother

>control + wasd

there are a million shortcuts that se ctrl and wasd

> I find the later much more comfortable to use.

For programming yeah. And probably for everythign else, as I hardly write in German anyway. Still I'm a boomer that got used to it and I'm not going to bother to relearn. Especially if I have to use a German keyboard when I'm not home, I'd be hard to constantly switch between them.


>there are a million shortcuts that se ctrl and wasd
I meant caps lock, that's specially good for 60%s since they don't have arrow keys.

>I'd be hard to constantly switch between them.

It's not that hard I used colemaks for a while and you don't forget the other. I used to have the spanish and us layout in windows and swap with alt+shift to use the ñ but I haven't written in spanish in years and ñ is a very rare letter to start with. Might be hard for german.


>no clit mouse.


>no clit mouse.

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