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Us cat friends am I right xD


cope, people ask my dog breed? Mutt of the chad variety
only gay rich people with fancy gay dogs or shitbull/chihuahua/pug owners are like the top image


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This game looks very pretty, but it isn't fun at all


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Anyone else tried this game? Lots of talk online about it, rave reviews, high scores.
Definitely a flavor of the month game, it even has 32k overwhelming positive reviews on steam and the game just came out. The popularity is very impressive coming from a new ip and new studio.
I tried playing but I had to stop after 2 hours, it has a very good atmosphere, you can see they put a lot of effort into the art.
Sadly despite of this none of their effort went into gameplay, the game is a borefest, it's just a walking simulator with the gimmick that you are a cat, so you can jump on the environment to go up roofs, or walk on pipes the novelty fades off in a few minutes. There is nothing to do but walk around from spot to spot, each new spot dropping you two new sentences to learn more about the world's history. There is no story, just world building.
Despite the cool atmosphere the level design does not make me want to explore it.
Final score is a straight dropped out of 10


I opened the thread before this reply so i hadn't seen it when i wrote my review


There are some "gameplay" sections where you run from monsters. The exploration is also interesting. There are some fetch quests where you have to use your brain. But at the end it is still a walking simulator.
Had the same feeling as Outer Wilds, which is also a walking simulator.
It's popular because it's easy and a cinematic experience.


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Based cracker tranny


I liked the other game they made not too long ago
Edith Finch or whatever


dropped it too after an hour, bored to tears and was not impressed by the way you act, or all the scripted jumping spots

what the fuck is his problem


Yeah, a jump and run would be great, but instead we got a walking sim


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Not black?


Poor cat :(

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