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Ehhh, is that so… Tell me more


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And then he says "I turned myself into a pickle!" Funniest shit I've ever seen.


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I found the Pickle Rick funny when it was ironic. But then Reddit thought it wasn't ironic and now we are left with this


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So yeah, Reddit was actually BASED all along and we never knew it


best girl of the season, her personality is so great and shes so cute
of course ledditors will forget her after a month but I WILL REMEMBERED


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Bros, why do we have to wait so long for the next episode…


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Another great episode


What anime iz this


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Bros… I don't really like all the flags for Chisato.
Will they force her to be a terrorist, just bcause she has the talent to kill?


I feel like Chisato could die any moment for Takina's character development.


There won't be any deaths or drama
Only pure heterosexual love.


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Totally on purpose.


I don't think there will be major drama. If even if, it will be resolved a few minutes later that episode.


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My wife gets a second season!


no please don't you'll fuck it up

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