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Is this a new TikTok challenge or something?


Can't wait for the Larry Fink and George Soros rendition of this.


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I was really shocked this morning. I didn't expect that from Japan where everyone is heckling 100% wholesome. It's probably a western spy that wanted to kill Big Chungus Abe chan.
I mean he's heckling marry and reproduce guy, a living meme, why would anyoneone want to kill him.


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Me on the bike


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Also F. Damn, it's been a while since a japanese politician was killed, I think the last one was that Nagasaki major who was killed by a yakuza.


This just shows that Japan is a high trust society.

The bodyguards didn't even think something like that can happen, and when they saw it they couldn't believe it.


More like even they didn't like abe


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She wishes somebody would shoot her.


>former PM getting shot
>points camera away
Go fuck yourself camera man.


Even Europe is having frequent shootings now. Republicans were right, criminals will always find a way to get their hands on guns. Only solution now is to kill gun control and arm every law abiding citizen to the teeth.


This will make people watch their mouth and to actually think before they speak. One wrong word and you get ventilated. And this applies to everyone, I see no downsides the world can only benefit from this.


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I knew it…


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Nice try, Hideous.


So was Abe a cult leader or not?



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No, a spokesperson? Maybe.


I get Trump, he's a businessman.
But Abe? Totally a loonie, especially because his jap brain is hardwired to hecking LOVE cults.


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"Politics is always involved. I can’t create art… While trying to be blind about it."


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His family was once the upper middle class, his father was a mechanical engineer who graduated from the second best uni in japan, and his uncle is a lawyer (he had been fighting back against the cult and tried to protect the shooter)
The origin of his fate was his brother got cancer in his childhood. The brother managed to survive but not went well. The brother lost his eyesight at last, and his mother got mentally devastated by the unfortunate event.

Then the cult sneaked to his mother and brainwashed her and made her believe that the event occurred because of her ancestors sin - and she needs to give everything to the "christ's incarnation" and his church to get redeemed.

She handed literally everything to the cult and the family got destroyed, his father died in broken heart, debts made him unable to enter uni (he had very well grades enough to enter the uni where his father once graduated). Everything was broken down, still, he decided to live his own life supporting his brother, but his brother later killed himself.

Now the lone avenger was born.


I liked this post better when it was on kohlchan


Do you have any reason for that?
It's not like it was taken out of context

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