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Did a stranger ever did something nice to you without any recompense?

A stranger once helped me find a working ATM at 3am. God bless that nigger.


what does he mean?
i brush my teeth with baking soda instead of kike tooth paste


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Nigga, I just fucked up not one but two high performance wheels (cracked rims), I'm fine and my car is ok, one good Samaritan lent me his spare wheel and drove me to the nearest tire shop.


>objectively a shithole
>decent automobile

Classic third world mentality.


Oh, sorry. My donkey cart is at home, yeah shame on me.


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No more "cool rims" for me, I bought regular wheels like a peasant.


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Normal wheels in Germany are steel rims.
Lots of cars on the road are using these.


We are retarded here, our latino blood demands stupid shit like that.

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