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>/nen/ just shut down
well there goes one of the last good spinoffs, now it's only mero



There are a million places better than mero


Like the beach. The beach is better than mero. Or the park.


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stop being retard and host your own dead-cope spinoff like i do


who's next?


hopefully ota..


hopefully ota..


you will burn


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Are you kokmin or something?
I mean I don't have to host my own board because I just make Helmut host /2dint/ for me so he has to pay it through the funds of /int/ard cryptocelbux.


based, i do the same thing


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/bun/ unbesiegt.


Which reminds me I wanted to put all of /bun/ on archive.ph some time but I have been too lazy to do it.



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why are you cring i hope you feeld better


to make you seethe


youre just jealous i dont have to pay shit


tell me your story


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i host my own jaypee running on original backend. i'm not like janni vichan brainlet

on top of my own home server. i don't pay for anything


the inventor of mellowchan


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do you physically archive (print) all posts?


he gets faxed everything thats posted because he works for an alphabet agency
nice rack tho


Did you take that pic with your 20 year old webcam?


A google agency?


to make you seethe ツ

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