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I think all the Americans left…




I miss D-san.


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I miss civil liberties and rights.


Everything sucks.


Where they go?


We don't need rights if we are safe from gun violence

Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger

Edit 2: 327 upvotes for this? Haha wow that's the most I've ever gotten, thanks guys and gals and everything in between!

Edit 3: WTF 600 upvotes wow thank you all so much this is the best birthday ever

Edit 4: Thanks for all the birthday wishes fellow r/wooooshers. I tippeth mine hat to thee on this pleasant morrow.

Edit 5: Ok, so this went viral overnight for some reason O_o 2000 motherflipping upboats I really have no words thank you all so much it means a lot!

Edit 6: ok I'm noticing some toxic discussion happening in this reply chain and I feel the need to address it. Sexism and racism are not cool guys, so please cool it and continue the good vibes please and thank you!

Edit 7: ok so I don't know why but I've received a lot of downvotes on this post recently, maybe i got raided by 4chan.com/b?? (commonly referred to as the "asshole of the internet" for those who aren't aware). I don't really ask for much but I was hoping we could show those losers a thing or two, so please give this post an upvote if you haven't already, it would mean the world to me and show these bullies you cannot mess with a good person.

Edit 8: turns out my girlfriend cheated on me, so that happened :/

Edit 9: so people have been wanting me to clarify the previous edit. I don't have the energy to go into a lot of detail so the general gist of it is this: Yes we were in an open relationship, no that doesn't mean you can't cheat on someone when you're in an open relationship. If you are having sex regularly with someone and never mention it until they get you pregnant, that is definitely a betrayal of trust even if you've both agreed that she can have as many partners as she feels she needs to be comfortable.

Edit 10: FYI, taking responsibility for the child does not make me any less of a man than you, actually it makes me more, so kindly fuck off please and thank you!


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Germans are a self hating & defrosting people since ww2 & your leaders are nothing more than friends elected agents serving a one world order promulgated amongst multiple world leader in on the sad joke. They make their plans in the darkness of night but the light of day shines revealing all the plans of the wicked even the underbelly of the rocks they hide under.

All men answer to God whether they believe it or not.


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I just bought 2 handfuns to spite them. I can't afford it but this is the greatest fomo leafs in my generation have ever experienced.


I'm unironically anti guns, even though I would vote republican in had a choice.
There are just too many accidents and stupid ways people for shot over. It's actually really nice going outside and not having to fear getting shot. Getting stabbed is another topic thought…


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you're going to britain


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Armed society is a polite society.


freedom aint free
fuck those NIGGARS trying to take my guns away


>There are just too many accidents and stupid ways people for shot over.
Just say it.
You're a passive German ago would bow down to any form of authority. Europeans are so annoying when it comes to giving up rights. You've all been passified all in all while your governments don't give two shots about you.


So basically you are saying fuck laws and shit?


Do you have a reading disability? We are the ones who have no regard for our own laws and allow our "elected" officials to constantly tighten the grip on our lives. There is so much redundant bureaucracy in Europe especially Germany that you have to sort out before you do practically anything. Permits, licenses, check ups, terms, and all of this is still being shoved down our throats by stupid pencil pushing boomers who won't die.


>Permits, licenses, check ups, terms
That's a good thing. did my fishing licence and everyone should know the things that I learned before attempting to fish. We need the casual filters


Wait so you didn't learn everything you need to know when you would go fishing with your dad as a kid? Why even start now


>implying you know all the fish, the minimun sizes, where you are allowed to fish, how you fish properly without damaging yourself and the environment.
come back to me when you spend 40 hours learning that stuff


my uncle taught me
most people get their fishing licence in their teens

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