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I went on a hike today, but it rained really hard.


G is the only person I know who can get a cold for walking through the rain, yet another reason why us latinos are truly the master race.


But I didn't get a cold yet


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G-chans Adventures: Chapter 1 - A rainy Hike
G-chans Adevntures: Chapter 2 - Encounyering the Monkey Man

Well Hondi… what's your excuse for not making a few panels of illustration this time?
I just gave you a story idea & the first two chaptet names.


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Idiots don't get colds after all.


I'm too tired to do anything.

Wasn't G hospitalized after 2 piña coladas when he was visiting Austria? I swear germans are weak.


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be patient. he is a southerner


I'm going to help you.

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