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I'm sad to inform you that our beloved Honduras poster passed away. His last message to me was "I'm not gay".
Monkey pox is a serious disease and I advise all homosexuals on this board to be careful and only engage sexual activities with humans.


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He must have lived a fulfilling life.


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I'm alive, just adding a few more miles to this old car.


these are kilometers and not miles. By the way my car has also like 300k+


We all love the metric system but I've always felt that using the imperial measurements adds a whiff of fanciness to your speech. Probably because outside of anglo countries no one expects people to describe things in feet, gallons and pounds.


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Yeah, those are indeed kilometers but we use miles here. Some Japanese cars have kilometers tho.

This is a 2008 Nissan Titan btw.


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B-Bros… I got the monkypox, don't post on Merorin tomorrow…


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