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How do we avoid the conversation of dealing with half-assed glowie posters who love getting their shindigs from trolling?

We need to get to the bottom of this bros..


Alright but first
>Your age
>Your favourite touhou


Suika. Because I like to party and get drunk xDDD


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I'm 30.

And I like both Mokou and Aya the same.


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Koishi, because she is just like me: Intelligent, nihilstic and with a wicked sense of humour.


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I had a thing for Alice once too but she's kinda lower tier now.


alice was always boring to me but for some reason she has half of the s-tier themes


>what the fuck is twowho?


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You guys didn't get the joke. The joke is that I'm the CIA agent and I collect data about you by knowing how old you are. In another thread you will post your location, or your sexual preference, where you live and so on. It's rather easy to create a whole profile and pinpoint an individual. You guys seriously don't care about that?

By the way. Let's post the first security number of your credit card!
Mines 9 like Cirno xD



okay but why do you hate the kikes

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