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janni u shuld gib me access to /mod.php so i could clean the the pizza spam for u

believe me i got first class jannoid experience from running mellowchan.xyz textboard and irc.0chan.vip alternate sageru community


No thanks, I gave janny access to Armando once and we all knew how that turned out.


retard u know u can give limited janni access too.
just look on my website or my irc server. i don't even ban retards or bots. i let them post freely.
i only ban cring paedos


the best jannies are those who don't want to do it


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you don't get the point.
i just want to shit my mero without seeing illegal stuff


I was the greatest Janny here.


it is kinda annoying having it stick around here bun and ota all the time


What would you do better?


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Make every board a textboard accessible only via ham radio. I would call it the Secret Airwave of VIP Quality. Failing that uhh maybe get one of your friends to del illegal when you're in bed. I don't really want this but you could impose any kind of captcha that they would be too retarded to work around. I bet those old forum math questions would be fine. If you needed something more complicated that isn't google you could try and bring over weeb captcha that pissu uses or chess from jschan? I haven't seen any bot spam while either are active.


cp spammer is the most active poster on the board don't get ride of him you'll kill all activity


I literally removed the captcha because I don't care.
Also there was still spam even with the capcha. It's obvious the glows are posting per hand.
I am just targeted because all the other jp board admins have a grudge against me (shit posting king) and reported my site en masse to the three letters.
Even my domain host wanted to kick me, but he couldn't because I didn't breach any contract.


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The last time mero almost died I had the /2dint/ board on Kohlchan created.
If mero dies I suggest going there. It is nijiura with flags, and the /jp/ board there is already dedicated to being german and dead, so it is called that way.


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Wow ,that was cringe


Heh i remember getting the monkey banned for lashing out at me of course the ban was ironic but he still took it too close to heart and stopped posting for a few weeks


Some times you have to take opportunities


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kohlchan is a nice place with lots of based krauts ツ


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kc tier


I miss the times when these memes still applied


>missing old memes
die norm


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I am the anti-norm


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Are you missing me?


That's not a hungarian flag…


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It wouldn't be mine.


arent you the bulgarian that got fired from his new job recently


File: 1652309042495.jpg (49.3 KB, 600x720, DW1iX5sW0AApN8R.jpg_orig.jpg)

but… getting fired + going back to live with family = becomming a neet = le GOOD


I hope ferenc choked up on semen and died.


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I know retard
he got a new job and was blogposting about it and he didnt want to work and his parents were forcing
but i was mocking him for becoming a wagie
in the end he just decided to fuck it and just leave the work place and go out and chill in the forest and make pics there but then he disappeared
it was such a beautiful and powerful statement to the truth of humanity but i have been worried since i havent heard of him since


I saw Ferenc post on KC whenever the new spice and wolf season was announced

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