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how do i find a qt germ bf?


Are you a girl irl?




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I'm serious. I own a flat, have steady income and am single. I'm also tall and handsome with a big dick. The only negatiy trait I have is that I'm an awkward autist.


Tranny meets loser: A chocobanana story


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I'm not a tranny…


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i will have some errands around berlin for my business soon and i might be going there more often for conferences at germ companies. we'll see…

if you're going to be a good boi kraut-kun we can meetup at café and have soy matcha latte together and i'm even willing to dress up as your favorite animu girl~

anyway you can find me at irc.femboy.chat #femboy.chat


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i know it's you janni


it always has to be a man


it's called birl


Is this really you? I somehow doubt it because you don't post cutely at all and act like an obnoxious teentard.


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You seriously think someone would post their real self on here?
He's probably a short fat teentard


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treffen wir uns in berlin und du wirst es selbst sehen kraut-kun ツ


Sorry Mr. Smith, I never did anything illegal nor do I plan to. There is no need to honeypot me.


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>Mr. Smith
you WILL never have s-x

and now is time for your meds jason


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Fake server is fake.


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irc is such a nice retard filter.
i love the protocol (っˆ◡ˆς)


ooog i am pingèr


die puffy

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