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>buy a very expensive axe
>talk about it with my collegue from work
>want to send him an amazon link
>suddenly see that it's now 12€ cheaper

should I send it back and buy it cheaper? I mean it would be a gigantic waste for everyone excluding me, but I would save 5% of the price. But on the other hand I have to put it back into the packaging and have the hassle to give it to the postman…
Help me with that descision mero..


If the axe is already in display then I honestly can't see the point of returning it, not sure if €12 is like a lot but at least to me is not worth returning it.


>not sure if €12 is like a lot
It's not about the money, it's about sending a message


imagine letting a bald guy scam you
use teh axe to kill bezos (in minecraft)


You're going to do all that work for 12 dollars? Jesus, wageslaving is tough.


See >>7680
But I'm also conflicted to not do it because they don't give a fuck about me and will never change their scammy tactics


Send it back & buy again.
Also stop posting suggestive lewd images.


It's only suggestive and lewd in your head because you are a pervert


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Anyone wearing lewd attire is prey to this.
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There are literally uniforms where they have to wear them. You puritan Americans are always so weird


It's founded in Catholicism which is the heart of Europe.


These puritan niggers were sent to America for a reason


Typical Post-nepolionic modernist herecy


yes yes but have you considered stockings are very cute on girls


girls are icky

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