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is learning to code in ur 30s pointless?


Why learn to code at all? Just steal shit from stack overflow.


It's not about coding, it's about having a degree and understanding what you are doing


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>is learning to code in ur 30s pointless?
it's never late unless you're senile
back when i was 17 i thought it was too late because i did not start when i was like 12
now i'm a total code monke

>Just steal shit from stack overflow
even if you steal code from there, you still need to know how to modify that code for your own application

do you really need a piece of paper to wipe your ass?
in czechia programmers like me use bidet
university will just teach you bad programming practices and nothing about UNIX philosophy


No, you need it to wipe the ass of your recruiter.
If you are a "self taught" programmer, nobody will ever take you seriously and you will be treated like your average pajeet


>No, you need it to wipe the ass of your recruiter.
you don't. don't talk to the recruiter in the first place
>nobody will ever take you seriously
only if you are stupid enough wanting be a corporate employee i.e. wagie

Dude just become a freelancer and offer your services to small companies or startups or even better make your own company/startup.

Also make a git repo of your projects / contributions to other projects. This will serve as your portfolio


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Too stressful. Why would you freelance if you can have a comfy job where you literally don't have to work. I'm basically doing that and the "freelancers" are doing my job for me, or else they get fired.


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>Too stressful
it's not stressful. you can refuse project if you don't like it

in my case automated scripts & macros do most of 'work' for me

>"freelancers" are doing my job

you're a neet. you don't have a job.
now time for your meds jason


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holy projection batman, you have some issues my man


i know it's you janni


Seethe & dilate


Nah, I mean, you might not get a job from it but you'll still learn how to make cool stuff! 😎

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