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>"Both were in the wrong. Boss of this gym shouldn't have acted so aggressively towards Leather Head. You could clearly see that something was bothering Leather Head when he stared down the boss of this gym. Instead of immediately telling him off, he should have welcomed him without hostility."

>Miyazaki continued

>"Leather Head should not have lost his cool and said those fateful words. Not only were they completely uncalled for, he forgot that he was talking to the boss of this gym. This prompted the boss of this gym to use the low blow of telling him to get out of that jabroni outfit. Luckily they settled their raging hearts and duked it out right there in the ring. This way everyone could enjoy a happy ending."


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>Miyazaki's comment
>not blaming his son for the fight


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>miyazhstes this


Colonel sanders hasn't been the same since Popeyes chicken sandwich dropped

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