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Kneel before the Elden Lord


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The game is actually pretty easy if you explore enough and know how to tackle the bosses. Protip: The bosses were designed with summons/ashes in mind. I killed most of them without ashes, but fuck Malenia and Elden Beast, had to summon mimic for them. Naill and Maliketh were also really hard fights, where I summonsed Latena to do additional damage.
The game isn't like everyone says it is. The last areas are still pretty cool. Especially Farum Azula and Haligtree. Consecrated Snowfields are very athmospheric, it's jus the giants peak that I rode though with my horse because there is nothing of value there.
Some of the dungeons were samey, but the devs didn't expect for the player to find every single one of them. The sindequests on the other hand are complete bullshit. Especially if you kill the shardbearers too soon, you get locked out. Some NPCs are really hard to find as they will just move to a random location you have visited hours ago and have no need to ever visit again.
The balancing is also kida okayish. The devs want you to level a magic stat along your physical stat it seems. A lot of weapons have split damage and require either faith or intelligence. The balancing with the wepons also isn't as good, some weapons are straight garbage (most collosal weapons), while Rivers Of Blood and Moonveil are OP as fuck.
Coming to faith, it sucks, I only levelled it to 30 and used some buffs. The meta is dex/int. Especially int gets a lot of cool spells, a whole area, an extensive questline and a special ending.
The bosses and some enemies are bullshit incarnate. You have to wait half a minute for them to finish their combo and you get one light attack in, then they start another combo. I played with a greatshield and the game was easy that way. If you don't play with a shield, you need to rely on ashes to keep aggo away for some time to actually do damage.
The exploration in this game is 10/10. I loved the visuals, the levels, the details and the thought put into things. It also never seemed too unfair with the enemy placement like DS2 did. The checkpoints are a bit too close. When I played Dark Souls, some levels were so long that you were really happy to see a Bonfire. Here I just activate it and walk without even resting, as my flasks are still full. I wished there were more dungeons and levels were you go a long time without a grace.
The PvP experiance is utter trash. If you invade, you always meet hosts with Rivers of Blood or Moonvail spamming weapon arts and other magic bullshit. They are so confident that they win, that they instantly bumrush you with their buddies.
The only little fun I had was using the tounge and doing a bit of 1v1. In my experiance the invaders seemed a lot more chill and used non-meta builds. Honorable duels were had.

After 176 hours I finished my playthrough and have to say this is a rare 10/10 game for me. I'm still thinking about starting a new character and reading a guide to 100% my next playthrough.




I like Elden Ring more than Dark Souls. Dark Souls is an unfinished mess in the later parts. It's also really janky and unpolished.


>some weapons are straight garbage (most collosal weapons)

I stopped playing days ago, but I'll pick it up again eventually.


That's why you stopped playing


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I stopped playing because I'm watching Jewelpet.


You stopped playing beacuse it's not fun playing with Ultra Greatswords. I know it, you know it.


Did you even bear Elden Ring yet?

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