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Can you glowie fucks please stop spamming cp.
This is a harmless site, there are no schizos here. I just want to discuss /jp/ cuilture for fucks sake. LEAVE ME ALONE


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you VILL go to jail janny
und you VILL like it


Oh look, it's the weekend and no CP spam. Geez I really wonder if the people doing this are at home spending time with their families instead of wageslaving posting crap on my board. Fucking glowshits.


Real raped women.


Main character syndrome


its not glowies, its cloudflare and epsteinites trying to sell CP on the clearnet
the worst part of reality is that glowniggers are actually extremely incompetent which is why we still have huge pedo rings


t. schizo


you deserve death at the hands of 3rd niggers for deleting the secret board gman


Dude, I deleted everything a year ago
Where the fuck where you


shitposting elsewhere


they dont speak english


how long are you going to keep this pinned


Well the spam stopped so…


They are reading it, aren't they


cummed to chastity cage


>I just want to discuss /jp/ cuilture

tranime-entertainment is not culture, you just have mental illness.





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