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Will it have a transformation gimmick?


Ahhh Gundam, making the toys before the actual anime since 1979.


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Bros, a store here is selling Gunpla but I don't have the patience to finish a project…


Get the entry grade rx78, if they sell it. You can snap it in 15 minutes



i'm making my first RG (Sazabi)
it's really fun but hard, especially all the stickers


I didn't bother with the stickers. Will post a pic later.


File: 1649706015420.jpg (405.4 KB, 2000x1386, PSX_20220411_133550.jpg)

Got the cheapest and supposedly the easiest to build, now what?


Build it?
Hope you got nippers and a hobby knife


Hotglue it


File: 1649784047904.jpg (782.22 KB, 2545x2359, Sinanju.jpg)

I still plan to panelline and topcoat it


File: 1649886516619.jpg (463.46 KB, 994x2000, PSX_20220413_154735.jpg)

Aight gamers, let's do this.


I think you might have caught a virus.
There is a lot of bloatware on your PC


File: 1649887718219.jpg (25.31 KB, 200x275, d16eb02183.jpg)

Sorry G, I got bored, I won't be able to finish this…


File: 1649895029876.jpg (294.81 KB, 1500x2000, PSX_20220413_180939.jpg)



You need to either sand the nubs down, or do it like me and cut them off with the with the hobby knife


now make one of those stop motion videos of toys fighting


File: 1649965132568.jpg (412.62 KB, 2000x1999, PSX_20220414_133705.jpg)

I'll do it eventually.

Maybe some other time.


>I'll do it eventually.

No, you don't do it eventually. You do it before building the kit retard. Didn't you read the instructions? They even print them in English nowadays


Fuck you, nerd.


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no, fuck you

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