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Old pokemon
>water starter was a turtle
>fire starter was a salamander with a fire tail
>grass starter was a frog/reptile with a bud

New Pokemon
>just take X animal and color it blue/red/green
>even give one a fucking hat


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apparently it's set in the iberian peninsula part of the city gave me park güell vibes


It has a blood orange and grape theme. That's why it's "scarlet" and "purple"


File: 1646021492458.jpg (49.1 KB, 600x600, 1617441481742.jpg)

>even give one a fucking hat
So pokemons are touhous now.
As expected. Once the japs run out of ideas, they always just copy touhou


File: 1646320719196.jpg (437.11 KB, 996x1553, nokia omegamon.jpg)

I had tons of fun playing both Cyber Sleuth games on PS4, all the characters are likeable (also tons of anime babes like Kuremi Kyoko, Mikagura Mirei and Shiramine Nokia) the stories are cool and presented in anime cutscenes, the level up and evolution system is not a mindless grinding chore. Still, I forgot the last time I truly had fun playing a Pokemon game, maybe Pokemon X on the 3DS?


Game Freak doesn't make the games with manchildren like you in mind.


File: 1646324111381.jpg (186.43 KB, 843x1280, 4da4da4b63213226dcf4b26a90….jpg)

>pokemon games are for kids, you're not supposed to enjoy them as an adult
What zero cyber-poosy does to a mf.


You can enjoy them but it makes no sense to complain that they don't pander to your tastes when you are twice as old as the target audience


if only…


File: 1646332302296.png (1.48 MB, 1036x1147, grandpa limmy.png)

I'm not even that old…


Are you not older than 24?


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I'm like 80% sure this is real

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