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Vcels finally got what they deserved


Ok chud


give me a quick rundown


vtuber gets a discord message from a popular utaite saying he was going home
internet experts check both their twitters and find pictures of their house, they have the same furniture and tableware
it's funny because they were both doing boyfriend/girlfriend experience, pretending to be going out with the viewers and selling merchandise like marriage rings and couple mugs
the utaite femcels are seething and attempting to kill themselves
the vtuber simps are crying and saying it's a misunderstanding
the utaite denied it and the vtuber is saying she's mentally unwell rn and not going to stream for a while




what the fuck is that supposed to mean. is that a typo?


Kys ironic weeb


it's what people singing covers in niconico were called
theyd uploaded videos titled "[song name] utattemita" utattemita meaning tried to sing


writing japanese words in romanji has to be the cringiest shit I have ever seen


kill yourself /vt/rannie


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she's just pretending to want to kill herself so the vteens are tricked into forgiving her so she can get the incelbux again


she only cares about mafumafus dick

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