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Manchildren be like


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This is the next Cyberpunk isn't it?


literally can not be because there was already a public network test


I doubt that has anything to do with men-children, it looks more like mental illness than anything.


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this but for tes6

most likely just dark souls 4


Played Fallout Frontier and it was godlike, turns out normals have no taste, especially since they like copy paste souls


Do you guys know/think if Elden Ring will have DRM crap like Denuvo or something? The kind of DRM that makes the game run slower.


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it's suicide to launch AAA games without DRM theyd miss tens of millions in revenue


No, but it will have EAC. I bought it for the ps5 because I don't want a rootkit on my pc


>I bought it for the ps5
How are we going to play then?


Sorry, my friends also bought it for the ps5 and I wanted to play with them. Maybe I will get the pc version later.

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