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just woke up and the first thing I will do is play a video game


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Get a real hobby.


like what?
watching anime?




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>not having real hobbies
F*cking nerds.


>Having a real hobby "playing an instrument"
>Other band members just want to take it easy, drink tea and eat cake

Guess who's the bully victim


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I hate your guts.


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Good thing I'm a solo pianist playing for old fucks


I also used to play the piano
I hated it


same but then i get bored and stare at a wall for an hour before watching the telly


you are me except that I skip the telly part


actually I skip the video gay part too
I just stare at the wall all day


i didn't know there were so many fellow wall starers here


either you stare at the wall or the glowing rectangle
only one of them doesn't hurt your eyes


Of course you hate it because it takes actual effort to learn a piano piece the only thing close to that level of effort would be something like a shmup or gayass speedrunning


Yeah, it's incredibly autistic thing to do, that's why Asians are so good at it.
I'd rather spend my time doing something actually productive, like learning a language


In the past Europeans were the best ones at this because they were the most disciplined before the kikes corrupted us all.


I mean I hate it too
I spend literally years learning one single piece and it is still too hard
You need decades to build up a skill level that is required to play most orchestral works


>I spend literally years learning one single piece
Dude you what?
I get a few weeks, maybe a month if you are new. Maybe it's not something for you? Pros can play simpler pieces just from readin the notes. I always knews that I wouldn't be able to do that, but jesus


no there are just times where I forget about a piece don't touch it for half a year and then pick it up again so sometimes it can actually take years from start to finish if you count in those big breaks


is programming and doing autistic /g/ stuff even a hobby?



Is moderating and cleaning up an image board (for free) a hobby?



no it's not. cleaning up is burden. give up janni!


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Got Splatoon 2 and ARMS for $25 both from a closing store liquidation sale today, bros.


I don't like both of these games.
Legend Arceus is good though.


I got splatoon 2 from my cousin for christmas and it was surpsingly fun, but I went in with real low expectations


Bros, Digimon Survive is getting review bombed as we speak, this is why you never make a visual novel out of a strategy game, unless it is Sakura Wars, Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai, Super Robot Wars, Galaxy Angel, SHANGRLIA, Animahjong or fucking Rance Rance Revolution, you got the idea.




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Not OK… If this game bombs Bandai Namco will definitely give up on Digimon…


Good. It's a shit franchise either way. It was downhill since the first digimon aired.


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But what about the digi waifus?


Beaten by the Pokewaifus


ugh this meme reminded me of the soul era
also nice 8 months old thread


>Soul era
>after 2007



soul era was actually from 2008 to 2014

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