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The multiplayer experience sucks so much. You can only play it with friends, playing with randoms is fucking cancer. Too much shit is going on, I can't even see my hunter when there are four hunters and four pets involved


mhgu is better, don't know why you and t wasted your money on mhw 2


to be fair, T wasted his money on the game twice…


It's alright, solo is more rewarding like a dark souls game anyway. I afk half the time in multiplayer for drops.


Yeah, I'm playing solo now. It's fun, but I really liked the multiplayer in World and this is a step down


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I didn't think I would like it but I like it. Even though I liked the 16 man rooms, this game is still really really good.
It's better than monhun world and sunbreak could make it even better than iceborne.


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Yeah the combat is better, more ambient life and monsters. Characters have some style and aren't flat out annoying. Some detail is lost and some maps felt cheap but the ability to jump (wow can't believe you couldn't jump before) added some life to the environments.

Lack of new weapon was only real negative for me.

Also fuck long swords and fuck bow users.


Kek that image is 100% true. I was a kinght guy. Still am.

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