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When will /what/min restore his fucking website already


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Why would he want to bring it back? So Pajeet and the spammers can spam the board?


yeah they are like the most entertaining posters on the sphere at the moment


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In case you people didn't know, he hanged himself a few months ago


literal teenbro


/what/ was the only self aware board without being cringey, incels, or obvious nitwit foreigners. Was just kinda plain dumb and mind numbing in nice way.


Are you serious? How do you know?


Cringe and liepilled


we moved to a new domain to keep you away r*tards


Mind sharing the link?




sent you an email


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Thanks but can you guys at least post a bit more? I can't believe Mero has more activity.


Can't believe whatmin lied about never bringing it back.




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