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Just saw this anime and it hurts that something like this will never happen to anybody. In reality she will make him a simp. He will make her cosplay clothes for free and she will bring them back from cons with suspicious white strains


Yeah the manga is unrealistic, but that's the neat part about manga.


It should be at least grounded in reality


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This is literally how I look when I play my eroge




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This reminds me of Space Dandy.


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literally how I go through all my life wherever I am
I just stick out too much


Gojo is literally everything wrong with Japan's youth, Miyazaki was right.


Bu he's a yaoi fangirls wet dream. The chaddest of the chads


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So I saw a couple videos and it really turns me off how much of an absolute cuck the MC is. This is why I hate anime, the MC should have gotten more and more confident as he gets more and more intimate with the girl but it seems like that's his "archetype" so the writers just stick to it.


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wait, she's not white?


picked up


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Gojo-kun, destroyer of p*ssies. Literally dropped the b word at the end.


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Bros… This can't be happening….
I thought she was pure and loyal to ME


Me on the right.


me on the left


This bitch is made for NTR. Can't wait for the doujins


crinj coomer


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needs a QoS tattoo


proxy samefag


meds now




only incels call others incel


you niggas srsly watch cuckime??




cuckime is good you retarded incel



so much thiss


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I'd rather watch this anime tbh

just joking, the episode was very good


Sometimes I regret selling my camera, I'd be a cosplay photographer by now…


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I was at a con once and I cringed so hard I had to puke for two days. Literally my body couldn't take the stress.


Last time I attended a con I used a gas mask.

Also who chooses Asuka over Rei?


>Also who chooses Asuka over Rei?

Everyone who's not a total beta


>all of them are under 18
>some are little just out of toddler age
God Dang these tranime pedos are something else


not even going to acknowledge that one


I think that everyone that watched Eva as an adult prefers Misato.


why would you prefer an emotional roastie that sleeps around? Does it remind you of your mom that much?


they are all terrible


This episode was good, the rotoscoping part was terrible but somehow tolerable.


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Cool episode, can't wait for the next one.


Sorry, I dropped all anime to play Elden Ring


This episode was weird.


Dropped before episode 1, I lost interest when I found out that it was written by a woman and that the protagonist is tall and good looking.


>the protagonist is tall
So, you can't relate? Not every anime MC has to be a midget.


he's literally me, but sadly girls like Marin don't exist so I didn't have that kind of experiance in school.


It's literally just "my ideal boyfriend" self insert fantasy for women, but with ecchi fanservice to make it also appealing for male otaku.


>my ideal boyfriend
He's literally not. Women want the popular bad boy, not the shy nerd


So this was the last episode, huh? I'm sure more seasons will come.


>OP starts halfway into the episode

stop doing this Japan


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Gojo-kun, about that trip to flavourtown…


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Just saw the last episode


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Here to goad.


Stop always fooling me with your flag



What the fuck did you say to me.


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No one really enjoys games like Starcraft anymore. Did the entire scene had a collapse, because there's DreamHack Valencia coming up.


So you are the autistic retard that razed hima. You should have one of your fingers cut off every time you make a post.


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Catch me if you can.


Fuck off.


File: 1653241956853.jpeg (164.15 KB, 1344x1080, media_FSokW67XEAAAzU5.jpeg)

Did you want a layered approach as to how you can possibly stop an attack at that scale?


this gookclicker paid lizard squad

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