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his son cucked him


he is jealous because he does not tolerate the worship of other "gods"
the language of the verse is pretty clear, if you do not confuse the meaning of "jealous" with the meaning of "envious"


Thanks Gmin for deleting that blasphemous post.


They mean the same thing. Why can't we worship other gods? What's so good about this God,?


um maybe the fact that he is the only one that actually has the divine essence while the other "gods" are just fallen angels


I am a fallen angel. I m the demon you see on DMT.


It's like you guys didn't play SMT…


Satanic gnostic propaganda. Evil series


Did you know that 真•女神転生V has lightsabers?


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waow!! ö


I've only finished the Raidou series so far…


smt v was way too easy…
granted, a lot of them seem that way after p3p maniac


it isn't when you are 10 level underleveled. Khonsu-Ra just beat my ass.
And truth be told I don't abuse items and spyglasses

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