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Whenever I buy fast food I always drive past the restaurant and see if any niggers are working. If they are, I go somewhere else.


racist faggot, you're not welcome here


instead of giving your money to hard working carribean immigrants that have a family to feed you give them to some random chinese whores that buy condoms with it how does that feel


Owned that racist fuck


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Spend half an hour in the McDonald's drive in yesterday. It's supposed to be fast food and not slow fucking food.


By choosing to partake in eating that trash you've already lost my guy.


From the OP pic you can already tell he really loves eating trash


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nice reddit pic


a mere sight of vtubers infuriates that incel what a loser lmao


how the heck are you so far gone that you think pixiv is reddit?


incels are the ones watching that crap however
how far gone are you to think that the appropiation of otaku culture by greedy chink whores is not just a reddit bandwagon. don't fall for that crap


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I love posting vtubers

t. Has never watched a vtuber

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