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>where the f*ck is Miyako's pudding nano?!

Miyako is my least favorite Princess Connect character, she's autistic, obsessed with pudding, puts other guild members in danger because no pudding >:(

Doesn't share pudding, between a life and pudding she chooses pudding (except that time when Shinobu was in danger but that's one out of a billion times).

Anyway, I hate her, worst character ever.


make a meme with soyjack and telling all these
>rescue me!
shit and she goes with the chad meme face
>where is my pudding


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Nice, exactly how I imagined it


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I'm rewatching Princess Connect and noticed something I didn't get at first, none of the members of Twinkle Wish are ever shown or mentioned besides a few flashbacks when Yuuki wakes up for the first time and when Ameth tells him about his powers, considering how big Twinkle Wish's role in the game is I think the second season will be focused on them.


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Second season is here, bros!


they went all out at the start of the first episode


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Then the last couple of episodes look like shit but they always "fix" everything in the BD releases, no wonder why Princess Connect was a best seller.


it was a best seller because of the gacha goodies packed into the dvd you retard


>gacha goodies
the proper term is paypigs


DVD? You mean blu-ray you autistic pajeet just kys already



saw the episode and I didn't feel it


Lost Princess as the intro again? Maybe Cygames isn't confident in producing a better song?

Apparently this episode was loosely based on chapter 9 with the Carmina concert and shit idk, I'm just making assumptions but this whole anime is like reading the in-game dialogs when you fight bosses and stuff, maybe too focused in gourmet guild's adventures?


they did use the 2nd half of the verses at least
honestly the game has some pretty good music
and the theme they use for the 2nd part of the main story is pretty sick


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man, now I'm jelly
wish I was that famous

It's like that time when I found out T had millions of subscribers on his youtube channel


File: 1642786680089.png (19.94 KB, 275x94, Screenshot 2022-01-21 1137….png)

Well, not millions but 200k isn't a bad number either.


That's the wrong account dude


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Me and my merobros chilling.


I dropped it after the first episode


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Still waiting for her 6 star… And the subsequent death of this game's meme pvp.


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me on the right after taking my morning hrt pills

anything worth watching this season outside princess and akebi chan?
bisque doll looks well animated but it seems to be coomer bait and i dropped the manga on the first chapters


snk and ousama ranking are continuing.
Otherwise the season is kinda lame
Bisque Doll is super interesting


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I wasn't counting ousama because it's from last season. Also now that it turned into a battle show it's not as good as it was in the early episodes, hope they go back to the previous format.


>it's not as good as it was in the early episodes, hope they go back to the previous format.

yeah, it is a shame that all shounen manga devolve into DragonBall Z


>akebi chan
It's bad.

Watch real animes like:
Takagi-san S3
Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to
Slow Loop

Ok, I agree, this season is shit.


what the FUCK was that episode how is a gacha allowed this treatment?


it just is. ok!
seethe harder sweetie


Im sure I'm note the only one who notices this, but your posts are extremely immature. I'd recommend you to stop posting and evaluate your use of time. There are better things to do than to waste your youth on this board. Come back when your are at least 18 years old


The animation was shitty, I completely lost all hope for a decent plot weeks ago but as a standalone story, I think it's fine and it makes sense.


File: 1643743003928.jpg (82.22 KB, 696x746, feh_030242_000001_-ZDI.jpg)

holy seethe
We're actually all 12 yo junior high school girls japanese. right sisters?


No he's right. You need to fuck off.


the CZVCH BVLLS are here to stay
and make you seethe


we all know its you pajeet, just fuck off


rent free


heh, why have I never seen that pic before


File: 1643778227823.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20220201-230111….jpg)

>got Mimi using the free tickets
Imagine the premium gacha nerds seething rn…


prifes characters are basically free
also I dropped like 100 rolls on Nykok and overload peco each and have neither


This anime is more like a "what if" kind of story with different choices, I think I'm enjoying it a bit more with the liberties they're taking.


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>With this, Karyl and Lapis conduct lightning raids and attack and destroy base after base used by the Martian Successors. Due to the Eucharis' and Black Sarena's abilities to Boson Jump anywhere in the Solar System, rumors begin to spread of a "Black Cat".


File: 1648574014452.png (2.37 MB, 1926x1080, karl.png)

Karyl-chan? More like Karl-chan, am I right guys?


I see the localizers had a field day with this


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In the end Twinkle Wish was completely forgotten LOL!

The anime didn't make justice to the original story and probably the worst part about it was the forgettable characters in every episode instead of focusing solely on the gourmet guild, a total contrast with game characters like Muimi and Octo that have real personalities but I guess adding male characters was too much to ask and they just wanted to play safe with cute girls.

6/10, would not rewatch.

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