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You ARE coming to the Gikopoi 2022 New Year Eve party… right? Or are you some kind of normalfag shit eater who's going to go drunk with some normie losers while all the /jp/sies are having the time of their lives? Well? Which is it? Answer me right now!


I have to be a retarded norm, so I pass on this one



thought it died last year


but gikopoi is so boring make a flockmod thread instead


we remade it in JS with a ton of new characters, rooms, and quality of life features. code is FLOSS. :-)

midnight EST = 0500 UTC


thanks everyone who came

see you next year


i missed it but ill come nest year


only 4 months till the next gikopoi 2022 new years eve poarty




i live for this day and the touhou cosplay meetup


die sodomiser



11:30 PM EST / 04:30 UTC


but i use gikopoipoi


dial8 troon


dial8 troon


why are u mad


he's meant to say dial his emergency number, because he's having a heart attack from being a fat fuck.
But he fat fingered and not only replied twice but fucked his message up, classic.

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