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Is it a financially good idea to pay a hooker or something to pretend to be my gf for a few hours, financially speaking? I have enough money but I'm incredibly lonely and cannot get regular girls to like me. I mean I'm posting on mero on Christmas eve, so you know where I'm at in life.
If anyone has done this give me some tips please.


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some pro tips:

1. stop being a faggot

2. kill yourself


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I've had a major stomach pain for several days and now I can't walk more than a few steps without my stomach hurting, and I can't eat any solid food lest I'll endure an extremely long and painful digestion (10h+).

This, while I'm alone in a 15m² room with neighbours somewhere in the building drilling their walls on a 24th of December.

This is by far the worst Christmas I've ever had, and one of the worst days of my life as well.

New Year will be the same. Except with fuckers throwing fireworks outside.

I'm pretty confident that nobody can beat my shitty Christmas. Many of you will be alone, but at least you won't be in pain and you'll be able to eat normally and even drink alcohol. Cherish that.



once this thread hits the last page, OP will finally have sex
we can't let that happen


learn to love yourself by yourself.
loneliness is a somewhat of a social construct, yeah we feel it naturally, but it's not as big of a mental block as many people make it out to be.


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By the way, this was a samefag. And it was me. I just love posting replies from other Imageboards. The bottom one was from KC and I found it very funny.




the drive I has with all the random and rate copy pastas I saved over the years died.
Used to get a fuckton of (you)s with those


the drive I has with all the random and rate copy pastas I saved over the years died.
Used to get a fuckton of (you)s with those


post some
I had a copipe pastebin, but it was "banned" somehow. I don't know why really.



File: 1675029383983.jpg (36.84 KB, 640x480, Di Gi Charat - S5 - Christ….jpg)

Oh, so that was yours? Used to use it all the time.
The pastebin was flagged down years ago when pastebin added an automatic filter that automatically privated "problematic" content. There were a few slurs in there so even if you reupload it you're just going to end up having it instantly privated or deleted.
If you don't have the copypastas from it saved anymore I can upload it to catbox later if you'd like, I have it stored on a hard drive.



this makes you a kind of enigmatic schizoposter that far surpasses any sort of messageboard autism

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