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He was right about anime dying in the 80s. Every single problem that people attribute to the anime coming out today began in some shape or form in the 80s and accelerated into what we are faced with now. The rise of the otaku creator making things for themselves and filling everything with epic references and nonsensical biking women stunted the creativity and growth of the medium. Old bad, new bad except for the stuff I like of course.


What zero pussy does to a mf


I think the main problem is that japanese people are retarded, they don't want any design changes and prefer the most generic looking designs, anime is supposed to be a form of entertainment like any TV show but instead japanese people take it too seriously, outside of Japan, people have zero influence in anime so it's always about what japanese people want, that's why shows that tried to appeal the west failed miserably (Double Decker! Doug & Kirill, Carole & Tuesday, etc.)


The problem is that Japanese people are NPCs. Any sense of individuality is removed and they end upas broken husks when they leave school. Work life is so miserable that most of them just kill themselves.


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No wonder why isekai and high school romcoms are so popular, japanese people want to either die or go back to high school.


What if they are simply teenage oriented? No? Too logical?


>that's why shows that tried to appeal the west failed miserably (Double Decker! Doug & Kirill, Carole & Tuesday, etc.)
Except for the shows they made to appeal to Germans of course


>teenage oriented


Double decker was made to appeal the the tiger and bunny fujo audience. Instead of the xmen index fan sub set of the audience. And carole and Tuesday was made to appeal to no one.


>He was right about anime dying in the 80s
he's always said this ironically all the anime he's ever made is about cute girls doing cute things

>Carole & Tuesday
is it bad? I was going to watch it [someday]


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A shame that the source material sucks


Will the reboot have an actual ending


nice nostalgiabait

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