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Got you a desktop wallpaper no need to thank me


do you have it in 4k?


That druggie can't even afford a 4k screen


Nice butthurt.
I never smoked anything in my life. My lungs are immaculate.


And yes I can't affort a 4k screen but that has more to do with the fact that mom won't buy me one and I'm content with the two monitors I already have I don't see the benefit


souless chink rip off of religious imagery


maybe for christmas..

really funny how pcs are pretty much still stuck with 1080p resolutions although 4k monitors have become cheaper they are still expensive and to play videogames at 4k you need the most expensive gpus on the market meamwhile $200 chinkphones have >1080p 144hz displays in a much smaller surface without any problem…


there's literally no reason why an average 24' something PC monitor should have a resolution higher than 1080p


there's no reason why a laptop should have a resolution higher than 1366x768 amirite


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I have finally found an opportunity to post this picture


Well it's not soulless anymore
Like if anything I'd rather use the money to buy a new chair or a laptop so I can lurk from bed again because that was so cozy


File: 1634295964547.gif (1.91 MB, 300x282, 1633871033108.gif)

I would like to buy a desktop but too bad I'm technically homeless so I have nowhere to put it and most modern laptops with decent hardware have stupid gaymer aesthetic. Gravitate font on keycaps and "reinforced" WASD keys and Christmas tree tier RGB lighting. Embarrassing. I am really hoping to get something on Adler Lake and DDR5 which should be coming out in a few weeks. Lenovo seems to have toned down looking laptops that still deliver and the build quality is usually not compromised.



>Adler Lake
Nice try schlomo. Go shill your shit elsewhere


if i needed a LAPTOP id get an arm macbook if you want it to play videogames in your desk a laptop is a bad idea

lenovo is absolute overpriced garbage
i had a dell laptop at my job it required some dell spyware software to make fucking AUDIO work
i swear there's no good laptops for windows/linux they always have big issues if the screen isn't shit the battery lasts 2 hours or are covered in carpet (hi ms surface)
nowadays you are lucky if sleep or hibernate mode works, in linux it will crash your de half of the time after wake up in windows the laptop will wake up by itself go crazy doing background tasks installing updates and restarting while burning it do death if its placed inside a bag


it's a simple matter of viewing distance and pixel density, unless you're getting a larger monitor, have 20/10 vision or use your computer by being glued to the screen it's not worth the cost of the monitor, and the money you'd have to spend on top of that if you actually want to run games in 4k is definitely not worth it either


>it's a simple matter of viewing distance and pixel density
exactly since pc monitors are pretty close to your face (unlike tvs) a higher resolution will be easier on the eyes, text looks much better at higher resolutions

>not worth the cost of the monitor

not for poor people


they are also much smaller…

I bet you couldn't tell the difference between a 4k 24' screen and 1080p 24' screen of comparable quality until you basically put your head right next to the 4k one but alright


i'm currently using a 1080p 24" monitor and i've used a 4k monitor before, i can tell instantly when i look at text, icons, etc…


Perhaps, but not as overpriced as Sony Vaio. Only totally brain dead weebs would fall for that. Curiously they are only overpriced outside of Japan.

In any case, I've only had experience with ASUS laptops. They are fine but far from perfect and make me want to try a different brand. I bought my mom a Lenovo last year and she seems happy with it. Not that she knows anything about computers, it's just my assumption. The build quality was a pleasant surprise given that it cost sub 400 euros. All metal, sharp IPS display and smooth scissor keys. I wish it didn't come with the botnet OS, could have shaved off a few bucks there.

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